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Life is finally getting better.

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Hey everyone, Its been a long time.
Last time a posted was about 6 months ago. At that time I quit my job and went back to finish High school. Four months later I graduated at 20 years old (LOL), and got a new job tha pays about 33K (about 12K more then the old one).
I still have to go to school for the next 4 years and the I'll be making 65K-75K. And just turned 21 esterday. The CRX is Still doing whel, but I should be getting and 2003 EVO VIII next month, and the crx will be getting and GSR block and a JRSC this winter. :)
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Hello, happy birthday, and congrats on your success! Hope everything goes well for you and your cars! :wave:
Hey, what you were sayin school wise sounds a lot like my uncle. Just wanted to say everything turned out great for him. Keep it up.
That's awesome! :yay:
thabks guys couldn't reply earlier too bisy.
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