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Lights HELP!!!

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All my lights work on my 91 si crx accept the two bulbs that go in the corner lens. My turn signals in the front bumber and in the rear work as well. I checked all my fuses and all the bulbs appear to be good. Does anyone have any ideas to what it could be?

Also the two bulbs that light up my guages at night are not working. The bulbs look good and they seem to be getting volts to them. I also tried to different dimmer switches. Any suggestions?
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change the bulbs. They can look good but still be bad.
I just replaced all 4 bulbs and still no power. Any other ideas? I finally got my project rex done and this is the only thing stoppin me from getting it inspected!
double check the fuse for the instrument pannel/tail lights.. should be #8 and is 10a.. they share the same fuse so if both of those lights arent working, it's probably a good place to start. sometimes the fuse looks good from the outside, but the contacts might be corroded and you cant tell unless you pull them.

edit: :oops: i was assuming the corner lights you were talking about were the ones in the back.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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