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Load shifting... music stops?

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I've got another problem though, for some reason when the load shifts, it kills the power to the speakers, so the sound just quits out.

When the load shifts on the front wheels, it plays,
WHen the load shifts on the rear whells, it's silent, but still playing.

The head unit itself does not turn off.

Are there any connectors somewhere that may be lose? or any other ideas that anybody has?

I'd like to be able to enjoy what i installed :(.

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Check all your wiring. When the sound cuts, is it just the sound? Or power to the deck?
Just the sound itself, not the power to the deck.

I tried checking the connections of wires withoug taking out my fusebox. I checked all connections with the little male/female connectors, and everything was connected snugly.

Is there any connections on the wire harness between the fusebox and the stock connector that I would have to think about?
The speaker wiring runs like this:

[head unit connector] ¬
dash wiring harness ¬
[dash harness connectors] ¬ (at fuse box)
main wiring harness ¬-> [door bulkhead connectors] -> door harness -> [front speaker connectors]
[rear main harness connectors] ¬ (forward of the driver's door)
rear main harness ¬
[rear speaker connectors]

Though honestly, I can't see getting a break in all those conductors (at least one for each speaker) at the exact same time. It's most likely a power/grounding (the head unit has it's own ground) issue or something's damaged in the head unit.
I once had a short in just one speaker wire, it was grounding on the body of the car, and none of the speakers would work.

I was baffled until I discovered that I had tightened one of the rear strut tower nuts down on the left rear speaker wire :x
It was my driverside front speaker that was shorting everything out, needless to say, it's been moved :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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