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Locate my part please

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Can someone tell me which one of these parts is the expansion valve?


I was told that was all that was keeping my a/c from getting cold. but then again I know very little about a/c systems, so it might be and might not.
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Expansion valve? There's the pressure switch in the hard lines in the engine bay..and there's the temperature sender in the Evaporater unit. Maybe ask for some clarification as to what the "expansion valve" seems like we're both speaking a different language as it is.
The expansion valve goes with the evaporator. I am pretty sure it is part #18 in that picture, (sort of in the middle near the top). It has the two lines going into it, and has that little loop in one of the lines. Someone at your local Honda dealer should be able to confirm.
Just did a google search on that part listed as #18, and sure enough, that part number (80220-SH3-A11) brings up expansion valves.
:runs up late(as usual):
yells in a breathless .....expan...sion.....valve... :lol:
Yup I've been certified in HVAC so fire away with the cooling questions guys.
The little bulb lookin thingy is the thermister bulb that controls the expansion valve.
But to reiterate yes #18 is most definatly the right part.
thanks guys. I just pulled out the evaporator last night and got that s.o.b. outta there.

Since you know what your doing in this kind of stuff ollie, i have a question. When I bought the car it worked fine. The next summer it was ok but not as cold. Then next summer it barely worked, then by that fall it was gone. I didnt bother with it until next summer thinking there was a leak or somthing. Turned out the system was holding the proper amount of pressure. No leaks ( oil or r-12 ) anywhere in the system.
...well if your sure that there arent any leaks, I would say that you need to see if the compressor is actually turning or cycling.
The pressures could theoretically say yeah its all good,but if your r-12 isnt flowing throughout the system it wont cool.(just a educated guess)
the compressor was turning and would kick in when you pushed the a/c button. I've gotten new lines, Im going to order all new o-rings from honda for everything. I just need to fab up my a/c bracket and im set. :D
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