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Long-term solutions?

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Recently I have taken out my cargo cover because the cloth "hinge" is in poor shape and I didn't want to further damage it with continued use. I was wondering if anyone has put a hidden hinge on the bottom of theirs or some other long solutions.

I suppose I could reupholster it, there is also a conpany in Europe that makes cf ones but I was looking for some other options/examples.

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I was thinking of using some glue and attaching velcro strips to it.

I've seen several ghetto hinge jobs done, with some planning and painting of the hinges you could have a sturdy, decent looking solution.
yes, in fact I was thinking of something similar(bigger than) a piano hinge on the back side, which maybe, you could epoxy on the lower side to avoide having screws poking through.

Honestly, IMO, I dont really like the look of the CF one. If you wanted to save weight, take it out, ya know....
Why not glue a new piece of fabric to the bottom edge of it? That should reinforce it enough, and you can find something in a similar color easily. You would need about a 3" strip along the joint.
Yeah, I don't like the cf ones either. I just think a hinge, if done properly, could be much better.
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