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I have some welding ability and Im looking for a welder. Im looking for a MIG welder to do small projects. It will need to be able to handle welding in my K mounts, but that will probably be the biggest thing I use it for.

My catch is, Im trying not to break the bank. I did a little research and have found some smaller name brand welders that are very affordable. I read some good and some bad about them too (ie Chicago Electric). Ive read that by the time you buy the argon and the regulator you could buy a refurbished Lincoln Electric welder.

Ive found this which says it comes with the regulator and a 3year warranty.

Any suggestions?

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I dont know about that man. . . I got my MILLER 135 for just slightl more ( 400 and it is name brand and complete the guy was telling me when i bouht it and there were about 3 to choose form that this one had metal parts wehre the others were plastic. . . . it has worked great for me thus far. . .

call this place..

Valley National Gases Inc
242 Hampton Ave
Punxsutawney, PA 15767
(814) 938-7060

ask them about there low buck miller welders.. they might be willing to ship. . . or at least you can get a fair price from a small town shop and know what to expect to pay. . . .

like i said i love my miller and it hd done allot for me. .

came with everything except for the tank... and i got y first fill free with purchase..
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