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Lots of road noise!

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While my HF gets great MPG, it seems ot have lots of road noise from the back wheels.

Has anyone been able to quite these little cars down?

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look into dyno mat. google it.

Not Dyno Mat :lol:
sorry my bad.
There are much cheaper alternatives to Dynamat, also...they function on the same principle, without having to pay for the brand name. has a lot of these cheaper options.
i can vouch for the tires.. i had bfg tourings on my car when i got it.. SOO LOUD YOU WOULD HAVE TO YELL.. but now i got myself a set of falken zeiks and its makes a huge difference i think i payed like.. 345.00 installed, so i would say its deffinately someting to look into since it will not only quiet your car down but give you better traction recently a simi pulled out in front of me and i had to go from 75 to 25 in well.. no time flat and i have to say that rubber probably saved me and my rex. i can also say that dynamat is really worth the money but there are deffinately cheaper solutions
TIRES MAKE A WORLD OF A DIFFERENCE! for road noise and comfort level!

there are other options to Dynamat btw... cheaper, more efficient options (some that paint on!)...

i will eventually sound dampen my whole car inside out and engine bay... then we'll talk about road noise 8)
andrey320 said:
Could be bad wheel bearings....
Especially if it has alot of miles...
{Mine had around 280k at the time}

I never even heard the back of my car
until I replaced the front wheel bearings..
The back hubs are next.. :wink:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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