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Lowering springs

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I'm looking into getting a set of lowering springs for my 88 CRX. The drop is advertised as one inch. Will this make the car unalignable without using caster/camber pieces?
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hey man, when i had them on my car, the camber was not really noticable, it did wear the tires a bit, but i also never had the car realigned when i put them on, but you shouldnt to use them
It will be fine, toe is all you really need to worry about to keep the tires in good shape with those springs.
Shouldn't be a problem. You can go around a 2 inch drop without problems, your driving will actually vary the wear pattern a lot. Just keep you toe in spec...thats what kills tires.
Ok, thanks! :)b
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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