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lowering the front

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Would lowering the front only be a good idea? would it have any negative effects on the suspension?

If possible, how low would it be recomended?
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May I ask why you would want to lower the frt only?
I guess any negligible effects would depend on how low you go.
1":I cant see any reason this would cause any problems.
2" Eeh You would kinda have the dukes of hazzard look going and the rear would prolly lean morethan normal throwing off some align angles.
2.5" or more:The cars going to look goofy IMO and theres gotta be some ill effects to cornering.
If you must lower only the front ,I would go no lower than 1.5".
Once again IMO.
I ask again why though???? :?
maybe hes got a rwd crx drag car or something. because other thanthat. the only reason i can think of putting a rake on a crx is really pointless. you put a rake on it so that you can fit bigger rear wheels on dragsters and old muscle cars. one for traction, and im pretty sure number two is becuase it looks cool. but again. pointless on a fwd crx. (though it probably does force a lot of weight forward. making it easier to e-brake the rear
No, it won't change the weight distribution by more than a few pounds.
It could conceivably produce some downforce at high speeds, but that wouldn't be useful anywhere besides a race course... unless you have a death wish.
Lowering springs generally have higher spring rates, so it would effect handling. Unfortunately, I think it would add understeer... Something stock US 'rexs already have an abundance of.
big muscle drag cars have soft springs in the front so when they take off, the weight all goes to the back wheels, and thus more traction. lowering springs for CRXs are all stiffer, so even if it was a RWD rex, it wouldnt help him get the extra traction boost.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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