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lsvtec with b16 head?

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alright so im still wondering where to spend my money should i build the b16 or not but im now thinking of buy a b18c1 block and building that then put my b16 head on it amd i was looking on ebay and i could get one for about 200 and i have close to a thousand to spend so 200 for block and rods and pistons are 800 on ebay would this be smart?
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You can do that, but a B18C1 is not an LS block.

Just personally, I don't think a grand is enough to build an engine unless you're taking major shortcuts. Sure, you can get the rods and pistons, but you're forgetting things like gaskets, bearings, head studs, new water pump, timing belt, etc.

And if you can get a GSR block with the crankshaft for $200, please tell me where.
Fairly cheap fun can be had with a b20b b block, B16 head, ARP bolts for the rods and thats it!!!! Lots of people in the Portland area are doing it and have reliable fast trasport. You can get a good b20b for 675 plus shipping from Hmotorsonline. LS/Vtec kit for 190?. YOu will have a LOT more torque and 400cc's additional displacement. CXR's here running regular pump gas are doing 12.8 1/4 miles at PIR with this setup. I've driven these cars. Because of the Torque they are a LOT more fun compared to my b16. You cannot rev as high but you get the bottom end.

I'm in the midst of doing an offshoot of this. B20b block b16 head, but turbo pistons 9.0 to 1 and H rods, and arp bolts for head since I will add a little boost to it, like 7-10psi. I should be running by the spring.

Ok, I'm going to duck while everyone throws stuff at this idea, but I have seen this first hand here and it really works out well.
well acualy its a bare block for 200 but a complete stock one is around 600 but my friend has a b20 block and i might get it not sure yet
well a B18C block is of little use to you without the crankshaft, and B18C crankshafts are pricey.

Actually, you could use your B16 crank with some longer rods and make a B16B out of it.
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