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Lug Nuts

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When I bought my car it came with these uggggly autozone hubcaps ... so went to the JY and got a 'nice' set of 90 civic hubcaps and refinished them

immediately following i tried to put them on my steelies ... no go ... it wouldnt clip and the lug nuts didnt hold them on at all ...

i recently aquired steel wheels [steel,rubber, hubcaps] off a 96 civic hatch ... the steelies went on just fine ... but yet again ... my lug nuts have failed me

so my question is ... can I just get fatter lug nuts off of a say, 5th or 6th gen civic ... or are my studs going to be too small ...

I'm too poor for rims right now and I'm really sick of having jet black steelies :(
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What you need are just the stock lug nuts that have come on any Honda equipped with plastic wheels covers for, oh, just about ever. They have a plastic washer that retains the wheel cover (they kind of float).

If you go ingratiate yourself with the parts manager you can probably score some for free or little cost. The dealerships usually just throw them into a drawer when adding alloy wheels... For god's sake don't let anyone try to charge you retail for them!

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