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Always had good luck with Majestic. Also with San Leandro Honda (Google it - it's "slhondaparts" or some such), who have about the same selection and prices, and allow you to do lookups by part number a bit easier, AND give you the Honda part number in the search results, instead of Majestic's internal part number listing.

The only problem I ever had with Majestic was a very minor one: they held an order of mine until it was complete - and "complete" meant that they waited until they got the rear subwoofer in stock for my '91 Accord Wagon. Like I say, it was a MINOR thing, and it didn't cost extra or anything - just delayed a CRX project a little bit. The cool thing was, the speaker still had the picking ticket in it from Honda's site in Marysville, Ohio, where my wagon was built!

Definitely thumbs-up for Majestic AND for San Leandro. Because of them, I rarely have to visit the local dealership! :)

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