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Making her pretty

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From stock to something better...

The right colour, matching the rims

Replace some ugly wires

And I love it.

Thanks to my special painter-guy :lol:
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good to see!
Very nice, got any pics of the rest of the car too?
Very very nice (both inside the engine bay and out)!
Thanks guys!

She still needs work, lots of it, but I try!
Very nice flamegirl.
I soo like the EDM look.
Clean and "pretty" you say. :wink:
I'm pretty partial to the EDM look myself.

One thing I just noticed though, you have the 'side trim' painted on the front bumper, but not on the rest of the car...
I did not do anything paint wise.... yet! so I think there was some damage before!
Previous owner changed the bumper. There was an awful fibreglass one on there before.

De-riced, or un-pimped ze autoh...
^^^ :greenbanana: :rotflmao:
Oh schnap! :lol:
Hahaha, why do you know that, and I don't Mr. Seti?
'cause I technically was one of it's previous owners and I saw the car in it's old shape+parts.

I don't think you'd recognize it with a fugly supra wing and bright red interior panels and green neon tubes under the dash.
Man, don't disgrace my baby like that ;)

Besides, I did not want to know that :lol: 'technical' old owner
Damn, I like it. Clean engine bay as well.
nice rex you got there. :D
i'm loving that blue paint, plus dark rims + dark paint = :)
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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