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jvillarr said:
Has anybody custom made map lights for the CRX by using any other map lights form a different car?
I can't imagine it is that hard.
I would think any overhead map light from any Civic, Accord or Integra would work.

Found this on HT:

Items needed
- Maplight assembly
- 16-18 gauge wire
- Wire connectors
- Razor Blade
- Cardboard
- Marker
- Screwdriver
- Patience

1. First remove the driverside sun visor, and driver side A-pillar panel.
2. Take the maplight assembly and make an outline of the shape of the base onto cardboard, this will serve as a template for cutting the hole.
3. Take the template made in step 2, and trace it onto the ceiling of where you want to install the maplights.

4. Next use the razor blade and carefully cut out the outline you drew on the ceiling of the car.

5. Next, feed two wires through the ceiling, from the driver side of the ceiling to the center of the ceiling where the hole is.
6. On the maplight, there are two grounds, which you have to use solder to connect. The positive requires one female connector to attach to.
7. Connect the ground wire to a solid ground, and tap the positive wire to the positive dome light wire, which runs along the A-pillar, and it a White/Red wire.
8. Finally, insert maplight assembly into the hole which you cutout. The maplight has prongs which keep it held in place.


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Another option: Mirror mounted map lights. I pulled the mirror from a prizm for my setup. It's a stuck-to-the-windshield type mirror, so installation is pretty universal... You just need a new mounting pad and adhesive from an autoparts store.
One of the nice things about it is that it can be wired to come on when you open a door, like the dome light. The only downside I've come across is that the new mirror is wider that the stock one, so the sun visors hit it. Not really an issue for me - I'm tall enough that the visors do more to block my view of the road than the sun.
Interior with a white LED bulb in the dome light (it's more directional than the stock incandescent bulb):

Interior with the same LED bulb and the mirror map lights:

The pictures were taken with fixed exposure, so that's a real comparison.
Sorry I don't have any pics of the mirror itself handy... It's thicker than the stock mirror and has a pair of lenses and push button switches on the bottom. The mount slips on to a metal windshield bracket and has a pair of ball joints (one on the mount, one on the mirror), separated by a ~2" tube, allowing aiming and position adjustment.
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