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Mapping software

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My dream is to travel solo around the US and Canada and drop in on all the online CRX acquaintances. Of course, with gas prices ever increasing and family obligations, that's probably never gonna happen. In any case, I have been searching online for some kind of open source software that would allow users to post their location and it be put on a map. It would be cool to see where everyone is concentrated. Something like Google Earth with users marked.
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You can mark positions to a map with Microsoft Streets & Trips. Then you could write down all the cities that are listed in the memberlist, and mark each city. Then zoom out and have a look.
I could do the same with Google Earth. I was just thinking it would be cool for the Community to have such an app online. Eh, maybe not.
Maybe we should all get GPS devices in our cars...or better yet, embedded under our flesh. :p lol
yeah thats pushin it. thieves would love it though :?
Many companies are going the GPS route for car recovery including Clifford. The price should drop over the next year or so with competition.

Human tagging is only performed by the US government at this point. :wink:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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