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March features

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Is up ...

As usual, shift + F5 for loading the page correctly!!!

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2 landmarks in one. We've got our first female featured CRX owner, and our first 1st gen featured CRX. It's the first to make use of pink too, does that make 3? :lol:

Congrats to danielleb! :p
nice look!

but it says "1988 CRX DX" under the header pic. isn't it a '86 ??
Thats not Penz fault I missed that when I proofed it.Sorry guys..
Yup Danielle's featured car is an 86 1G not a 2G. :wink:
Thanks Guys, The Write-Up Is Aweosme! And thanks for choosing my 1g baby!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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