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Has anyone been able to find strike anywhere matches lately? Most large stores, it seems, no longer carry them around here. do they in other parts of the country? Or is Ky just that retarded? Not only did I love playing with them in my childhood years, but I have found them to be quite useful in many situations. I wish I had known they'd be hard to find years ago, I would have bought a bunch before they quietly went by the wayside. :cry:

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I would ask the manager of the store why they do not carry them anymore...I am not a conspiracy theorist, but in the US the gov has been cracking down on a lot of stuff...strike anywhere matches can be used in homemade pipebombs and there were numerous "recipes" in the Anarchist Cookbook for that very thing. They tag your IP if you search for certain things on the web and if you visit certain sites...they do the same thing in the military, there is a civilian guy across the street from where I work and that is his job. All he does is record what websites you go to and block IP address of known blacklist sites.
Every major store keeps track of products for supply reasons, the gov has access to that stuff too.
I had noticed that as well. Strike any where matches are disappearing.
This started before 9-11.
Yeah it did. I think a couple years before.
hmm.... i just bought two boxes last night. dunno why there would be a ban on strike anywhere matches, since regular matches can pretty much do the same kinda damage if used the wrong way.

:twisted: i have to admit though... the only reason why i bought those matches was so i could make little foil rockets outta them.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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