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Maybe buying 'Teg (1998 GS) Opinions?

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I'm looking at replacing the wife's '91 DX auto with a 1998 Integra GS auto (sedan). She wants the ability to haul 4 people, leather seats & power everything.

Anyone here have experience with the mid-build years, be it good or bad? Also, what about the 4-spd slushbox? Her DX auto needed rebuilding at about 150K. Does the 'Teg auto tranny have any of the problems that the newer Accord (V-6?) transmissions have had the last few years?

The '98 B18B is OBD2, right? (future "upgrade" planning) :rolleyes1:

Interesting that insurance for the GS-R with the B18C is only $5 more than the $260/6mo premium we'll pay for swapping the CRX for a GS (but she wants an automatic, even though she can drive a stick). Even more weird- the rates for the 2-door & 4-door are the same. I thought sedans were cheaper to insure.
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i have a buddy who has a 98 LS and he totally regrets not buying an earlier year due to the OBD-2...

now to be honest with you i'm really not sure whats entailed in an obd swap, but i can't imagine it being fun.

Interms of quality of car, they're really nice cars... i don't see any reason why you shouldn't go with one! (mind you i don't have much personal experience with the car, though i could imagine it being as good as most any hondas!)
adapter harness and new ecu. dizz-one.

proud owner of a totaled DB8

The automatic trannys on the teg are fine, defintely one of the better automagic transmissions around in the import world.

It is indeed OBD2. Tegs are great cars, easy and inexpensive to work on.

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coldtotouch said:
i have a buddy who has a 98 LS and he totally regrets not buying an earlier year due to the OBD-2...
what is bad about obd 2 ?? I thought the more modern ecu you can get the better ?
less ability to tune your engine...obd1 is probably the best route to go with a honda...
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