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Met a guy from "OverHaulin' " today

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This was totally random. I drive by this little engine shop every day after work, and every once in a while there's a nice looking red CRX Si. Today it was there and I decided to stop and talk to the owner. I walked in and asked to see the owner of the car, and the guy said "Why, you wanna buy it?" LOL. Apparently he gets that a lot. I told him that I already had 2 and didn't need another, I just wanted to talk to him. So he goes back in the back to get the owner, and this guy walks up and we start talking.

I give him some CRX Community cards, and we go out to look at his car. He says "You ever watch that show Overhaulin?" I said yep. He said "Watch it tonight, you'll see me on TV." We stood there and talked for like 30 min. He's done some internal work on his D16 and has it up to about 150 HP. It's a good looking car. And what a nice guy. He gave me some cards. His name is Mike and he works for "Year One" full time and works at this little shop sometimes at night. We could have talked for a long time, and he even had a couple of stock D16A6's in the back (which I'm in the market for.) They both had issues and needed to be rebuilt.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know I gave out some cards to someone who's actually on TV. And he loves his CRX. I'm gonna have to keep in touch with this guy. Sounds like he has the hookups. I'm watching Overhaulin' right now and there he is doing work on the suspension and engine on a 69 Firebird. This guy hangs out with Chip Foose! And he's a CRX lover! ;)
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thats pretty cool man. I wonder how much crap he gets at work for driving a honda!! Year One is all about domestics.. I bet he catches plenty of good natured ribbing from his boys at work.

Thats pretty cool that he rolls a CRX..


maybe..but then all he has to say is..."30+ mpg..and how much insurance you pay on that thing?" "ahh ok"

pretty sweet, maybe you can get your project on the show :p
wow maybe he can get us a hook up through chip :roll:

thats pretty kewl its always awsome to meet someone famous
Did you happen to ask him if it's fake or not? I mean, the people who's car gets "stolen"... they have to know what going on, or they'd be harrassing the REAL cops about their car, not "Detective Schlomo" or whatever home-slice makes up every episode.

Plus, I just dont know if they can pull all that off in the time they say they do. There's always cars inthe background, under covers and stuff. Foose isnt going to rush through a project that his name is going to be tied to, anyway.
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