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Mice in heater vent

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On my trip to North Carolina, I opened the fresh air vent to the left of the steering wheel above the coin tray and some little pieces of leaves and some mice crap came out. Anyone have any idea how the mice got in there? Where is the intake for fresh air?

I just dropped the insurance for the Winter. Theres no since in paying insurance if im not driving it and its sitting in the garage.

That crap could have been in there since last Winter, Im not sure.

Im going to set some trapps with fake cheese and block the stock air intake.

Any tips on keeping mice out would be appreciated.
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I dont know how long you let the car sit for but don't let it sit for very long and always inspect the engine bay.

My mr2 that im getting back soon had 1 full size possum and 2 baby possums living inside the engine bay because of the lack of inspection and driving.

I wont be suprised if I have something living in my bay once I get back to america.

Yet inspection and moving your car around is the only .02 cents I can provide. :?

Sorry Tom...I guess this should have been in stock garage :oops:

I don't think I have to worry about anything that big getting in. The garage is right below my apt and its pretty tight. Mice can get through the smallest holes.
The air intake is at the top of the firewall. Air flows in through the mesh opening in the plastic trim under the wipers, across the top of the firewall/bottom of the windshield and down into the blower housing. I'm pretty sure the driver's duct pulls air from the opposite end of the same space. I think that area is designed to drain into the fenders... If so, the mice may be crawling up from down there
Oh man, that is not good. First, I can't imagine opening a vent and having mouse turds fly at my face. That sucks. But really, it could be nasty in there. If it were me, I'd probably pull out the entire dash and do a very thorough check of everything back there. And some serious cleaning!

I saw an episode of "Pimp my Ride" where they started disassembling a car that had a couple of mice turds in it. They pulled stuff apart and found literally thousands of pellets all over the place. And actually found a live mouse hanging from the dash when they pulled it out. It was NASTY!

I think you've got a lot of work ahead of you. But I really think it needs to be done. Take care of it before it gets worse. He could still be living in there and you would never know it.
There wasn't that much in there. It took about 3 seconds for all of it to come out and that was it. I dont think its that bad. Im going to pull that plastic mesh piece under the wipers and blow some air in and see what happens.

A friend of mine works for a company that installs gasoline pumps. He has some kind of air that blows a instant 700psi used to blow a mouse threw a piece of conduit to pull the wires. This kind of mouse is like a bullet filled with string that unwinds as it blows through the conduit. Its used to pull the wires through. If anything comes out, then it was stuck to the insides of the vent. If nothing comes out, I dont think its a big deal.
It must be the little exercise wheel that attracts them...
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Hahaha...must be.
Nice pic DX.
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