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Might be selling my car

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I haven't really officially posted it for sale anywhere, but I responded to someone on Honda-Tech who was looking to buy "The World's cleanest CRX". He replied back asking how much and I told him $6000. Sounds like he's serious and said it was reasonable (as long as I get the A/C fixed.)

It has been such a fun car, and I hate to get rid of it. I've owned 3 CRX's in the past and this is by far the best one ever! But my wife has been on me about it not having a backseat. And with a 2-year old daughter, and another on the way, it might be time to let it go.

But don't worry! If I do sell this one, I'll get another. I can't stay away from these cars. I seriously believe these are the greatest cars ever made. But I'll probably get more of a beater CRX that I can upgrade and work on, and also get a different car as a daily driver with a back seat and <gasp> possibly even 4 doors!

We'll see what happens. I'll keep you guys posted.
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Tom, just let me say that each time I've sold a CRX I was sorry later. -and these were beaters, not beauties like yours. Unless your marriage is gonna fail because of it or you need the money to feed your family, keep it.
Trust me I know. Each one I got rid of gave me the same feeling. This one is different. I have mixed feelings. I've enjoyed it for almost 3 years, and 52k miles. It is still a gem, and it kills me every time I go another 1000 miles. I drive it daily in Atlanta, and the miles just add up so fast. My biggest fear is that some moron is going to slam into me in traffic and total this gem. I'd be lucky to get blue-book value on this 16-year old Honda. I've loved every minute behind the wheel of this unique rex. But I think it's time. Again, like I said, I WILL get another. And I will have fun upgrading and working on it. I've wanted so bad to do a swap, and some other fun upgrades, but I would never have the guts to do it to this one. It just doesn't seem right.
You know you'll regret it! A mint CRX is hard to come by. Why not invest in a JDM backseat? :)
baker_jeff said:
Why not invest in a JDM backseat? :)
They are illegal in the US, not to mention unsafe. I would never put my kids in the back of that thing.
I hope that the lack of a crx does not jeopardise the site in any way...
Tom, do you have a reference on that assertion that the JDM back seat is illegal in the US? I've been pulled over before, with my son in the back, and the cop only asked him if he was strapped in, but didn't give me any grief over the seat.

The seat probably isn't as safe as the back seat of a Civic hatch, and I am too nervous to have my son ride in the back when we are on the freeway, but in-town, we use it. I don't think I'd put a baby back there, though. In addition to the safety concern, it would be a bit inconvenient to access.
toxiclows said:
I hope that the lack of a crx does not jeopardise the site in any way...
Absolutely not! As soon as I sell this one, I'll be in the market for another. This site isn't going anywhere. I'm not going anywhere. No need to worry at all. At the very most, it would be handed off to someone even more capable, but I really don't see that happening either.
unless you guys need the money for a replacement, I would keep the rex and look for something else as more of a daily driver. By the time I'm ready to have little ones, I plan on selling my truck and getting a quad cab. I never thought I'd need the bed, but I find myself using it all the time.
toxiclows said:
I hope that the lack of a crx does not jeopardise the site in any way...
He's calling it quits y'all. Didn't you notice? He's handing over the reigns! ;) Just buggin ya, Tom... of course I'm not serious about that! :D

I think you should ask an unreasonable amount for your car. If someone is willing to pay an unreasonable amount, at least then you'll feel like the sale was worth it... You gotta have something to offset the post-sale dissonance that you are probably going to feel the moment you realize that it's gone forever.
FYI: I saw a CRX not nearly as clean as yours go for $10,200 a few months ago (on eBay).
Laure said:
I've been pulled over before, with my son in the back, and the cop only asked him if he was strapped in, but didn't give me any grief over the seat.
i think if the cop was a honda fanatic, he might call you on it. whenever im at a party and things are winding down, my friends ask for a ride and i tell them ive got no space left with just me and my girlfriend... they give me dirty looks. then i show them that a CRX is actually a two seater and they almost don't believe it, even though the evidence is right in front of them. "a car with only two seats??? you should buy an SUV with 18 seats and 7 doors!"

Tom, im sorry to hear you are parting with such a nice car. i only wish mine were as clean as yours. if i EVER scrape enough pennies together and the energy required to make my car look as nice as the pics i have seen of yours, i wouldnt dream of selling it.

there are more important things in life than cars though. congratulations for being responsible :)
mine should be sold this saturday... :(

oh well, SiR here I come...
I thought about selling mine too but I just cant. I've only put about 6000 miles on it the 2 years I've had it. It's up to about 66 or 67 now. If somebody made me a good enough offer, I might think about it

I will be driving it more often when I move down to North Carolina in a month or so. It will be my daily driver for a couple months till I find a cheap beater civic that I can use to drive to work. I need something that I can put my German Shepherd in with room. New truck gets about 10 or 12 mpg around town :(
Whats with all this selling off of all the clean rexes stuff?!! :shock:
Is the world coming to an abrupt end and I just dont see it?

Come on tom are you seriously selling off the "red gem"?
Say it isnt so harry ol buddy ol pal.... :(
Just ask tom...he knows ...dont cha harry? :wink:
ollie said:
Just ask tom...he knows ...dont cha harry? :wink:
No! No no no no no no Lloyd!
I keep going back and forth. It sounds like the guy that was interested isn't very sure. He really didn't want red, but he said he would "settle" for it because of the great condition. I don't think I want to sell it to someone who would be "settling" for it.

I'm going to start looking for a really cheap "family car." Something with at least a back seat. And something that I would drive daily, so I could keep my gem and only drive it once in a while. (Something I should have done 50k miles ago!!!)
How about the 4seater version of the CRX?

They're usuallt pretty cheap, and it almost is a CRX
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