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Mint Crx Si in Austria..

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I found this ebay listing ! The car looks very clean.. Im thinking of importing it ... ... otohosting

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A year ago, I saw one in Holland that seemed really nice. I think Seti knew of the owner. I ended-up with the SE so I never pursued the VT. It would be nice to get a VT though. Notice that Austrian one has dim-dip headlights by the switch to the right of the sunroof switch and the decal next to the resistor injector?
I project that bidding will end up between 5 and 6000 euro's. Which is almost 9000cnd.
All in all you'll end up with a thirteen thousand dollar crx, or more.
You can laugh if you know it usual...again....

A friend of mine recently imported a VT (did I mention your title is wrong) from germany to canada.
Wanna fancy a guess how I ended up with my previous estimation?

Just for starters. How are you planning on getting your car to Belgium? Because that's where you'll have your car shipped from.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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