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missing posts?>

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Now...I'm generally pretty good at digging up old stuff.

But I can clearly remember myself posting an introduction topic...and I can't seem to find it.
It needs updating.
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Sorry, I forgot to look into this earlier. It's not missing. Just needed to dust it off:
no no...I made a picture post with the history of my car.
Was it moved to features or something?
OH OH OH OH. Yeah, I know what you mean. There was a featured article section where you could submit your car, but that was made private. It still exists, but only viewable by the team that does the featured CRX's. The reason that came about is because YOUR submission was so detailed and documented that it was like it's own featured article in itself. So they decided to make that forum private so it wouldn't spoil the surprise for everyone when the monthly feature came out. ;) am I featured or something?
If not, could you move it to the lounge so I can edit it?

I thought i was losing my marbles.
I will move it (copy it) for you. But yes, I believe your car will be featured in the next few months.
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