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OK - here's a little Minnesota power-hungry-cop-story (apologies to Mark).

I'm driving north on I494 around 6:00pm today, in the slow lane. I see some flashing lights up ahead of me, under a bridge. My freeway exit is about 1/4 mile after the bridge on the right.

As I approach, I see two State Patrol cruisers with their blue and reds flashing and a Community Service truck with a cap with his lights flashing. No sounds of any sirens

As I am about to pull parallel with the vehicles, as far in the left of my slow lane as I can go without hitting the stopped traffic in the center lane, one of the cruisers and the Community Service truck pull away down the shoulder ahead of me, their lights still flashing. They take the exit I'm now getting close to.

Meanwhile, the remaining cruiser has turned off his lights. After I pass him, I look in my passenger door mirror and see him coming up on my right, still with his lights off - he's about 30 yds behind me.

I signal my exit, watching the first cruiser and the Community Services truck up ahead as they slow down and stop on the shoulder of the exit ramp.

Next thing I hear is a siren right next to me on my left side and the cop in the cruiser who'd been 30 yards behind me with no lights is now alongside me, frantically waving for me to lower my window and mouthing something at me. I'm now doing about 15 mph, to the right hand side of the single ramp lane.

He yells at me to "get over" and calls me a disrespectful name I won't repeat here. He then pulls ahead and parks on the ramp with the two other cars, half in the exit lane and half on the shoulder. As I drive by he points at me and yells again.

I pull over and stop a little further up the ramp. I get out of my car and walk back and ask the cop what the problem is. He tells me again I need to pull over. I explained that when I was on the highway I was as far to my left as traffic would allow and that I had no idea what he was doing, cruising along the shoulder with his lights off when I needed to pull off on the exit. I said "I did what any normal person would do and held my position so at least what I did was predictable. You navigated safely by me and didn't turn your lights on till you were right next to me. There were no civilian vehicles involved and I assumed your emergency was over since your lights were out. How was I supposed to know what you were doing?"

His response - "When you see a cop you just need to move over. Now I'm busy so move along"

Of course, he's human and subject to human frailties. Of course he was stressed over what must have been some kind of emergency. Of course he didn't realize he didn't have his lights on.

Nevertheless, I object to being treated like some monkey's rear-end when I'm trying to safely go about my business.

I didn't get a ticket or a warning - I was polite to a fault, always am.

But it stressed me out unecessarily.

Guess I was lucky, huh?

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theres also the intersection between 494/35E that has been a BIG target for the whole move-over-a-lane thing

I was heading back home, and there was a cop car on the right side, lights on and some beat up old mazda infront of it, so I (along with most of the traffic) slowed down and moved over to the left. I noticed there were two cop cars, one infront of it, one behind it. and then on the other side of the road, the same thing, except one behind it and one in the middle, where they can cut across. Now we all moved to the right. and then ONE MORE sitting on the other side, for the people going the other way. it was only after i passed all this that I didn't see anyone in any of the cars, or on the side of the road. pretty elaborate, but i guess if it catches those jackasses that don't move over...its prolly worth something...

edit...its too know what i'm saying...obviously there should be tolerance if you can't move over...i've met many people who wouldn't let me in...
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