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There are a lot of stickies in all the forums, and I find it kind of annoying to have them all at the top. There are also a lot of good write ups that don't necessarily belong in the How-To section.

So let's get a FAQ going, I'll start with the current stickied stuff. Please DON'T post comments or whatever, just a link and a description. I'd like to keep as much as possible on the site here, so if you see a good write up somewhere else, ask the author if they mind if you copy it here, or better yet invite them over here and ask them to post it! Remember this is for non-stock mods only, I've got one going in the Stock Garage as well.

An asterisk* indicates an external link, please include that with yours as well.

General Information
PDF How-To Articles (thanks tonyguns)

Suspension, Brakes, Tires
CRX Suspension 101: Shocks and Springs
CRX Suspension 102: Bars Explained
CRX Suspension 103: Poly or Rubber Bushings
Installing ST Sway Bar
OEM Sway Bar in a non-Si
Brake Upgrades 101
Rear Disc Brake Conversion
Brake Upgarde Cross-Reference Chart
"Camber Wear" Myth Explained
Tire Sizes with Larger Wheels
Wheel Offset Calculator
Skunk2 Front Camber Kit Install
SiR, DA, EF Knuckle Comparison*
Differences between EF, EG, & DC rear lower arms [PICS]
Rear track width differences
De-Powering a Steering Rack

Engines and Swaps
Honda/Acura Engine Codes
How to Identify Your Engine
Engine Swaps Overview
B16A Swap Guide
K20 Swap
B-series Axles
B-series Torque Specs
How To: Properly build an LS/VTEC or B20/VTEC
D/B/H Timing Belt Info
Aftermarket Aluminum Radiators

ZC Info
ZC Info pt. 2 w/pics*
Getting Parts for DOHC ZC
DOHC ZC Service & Repair Manual*
ZC and A6 Cam Comparison

High-Compression Mini-Me
B-series VTEC and "Type-R" Oil Pump Info
H2B Swap Info
Oil Discussion
More Oil Discussion
Skunk2 Intake Manifold Install
D-Series Torque Damper
Compression Calculator*
Backpressure Explained
Dual Tip Exhausts
CRX Exhaust Compilation
Aftermarket Header Comparison*

Turbo/Forced Induction
About Turbo Oil Lines
In Depth Look at Turbo Setups, Cost, and Planning
Air Flow vs. Boost, and Compressor Maps
More Air Flow vs. psi

Auto to Manual Swap
D-Series Transmission RPM/Speed Calculator*
B-series Differential Install

Wiring, ECU stuff, Tuning
ECU and Chipping Tech
Relocating Battery to Cargo Box
O2 Sensor Info
Instrument Cluster Swap Wiring
EDM Cluster swap with detailed wiring
MPFI Wiring
ELD and ALTC Explained and How-To disable
Wiring for EDM Adjustable Headlights
Tuning a Honda 101
Code 20 Fix/Add ELD Circuit
Fuel Injector Info*
ECU Information and .bin files
Foglight Wiring
CRX to BB6 Prelude Gauge Cluster Swap
Injector Resistor testing, info, discussion
Odyssey 680 + Battery Relocation & Wiring Discussion

Cosmetics and Amenities
GM Rear View Mirror w/ Map Lights
DIY OEM Rear Lip
JDM Front End Hood Latch Alignment
Adding Air Conditioning
Add A Headlight Buzzer
Turn Your Ashtray Into a Cup Holder
JDM Rear Seat Install
EK Armrest Install
EG Armrest Install
Accord Wiper Spoiler on a CRX
Accord Climate Control Swap
EG Climate Control Swap
Power Window Conversion
Aftermarket Shift Knob Install
Upgraded OEM housing Headlights
Turn your Bumper Lights into Running Lights
Discussion on Fog Lights
Ventshade Window Visors
Side Marker Install
More Side Marker Install
SiR/VT/SE Spoiler Install
EDM 16V Spoiler Install
Make Your Own Tail Light Gaskets
EP3 Seats
Taurus Cup Holders
LED Math & Resistor Choice Discussion
EDM/JDM Headlight Wiring

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I'm updating the FAQs this week since I'm more or less done with school and I'm bored. I organised the links and added some more from the How-To section, it's still looking a bit sparse. If anyone wants to add something or even just dig one up out of the archives, I would appreciate it (and I'm sure other people would too).

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hey, I've seen this FAQ format before.... lol 8)

you're missing the three rules:

Three Rules of this Thread:

Do not add anything to this thread.
(If you would like to add any useful info to this thread, PM me or El Vap first.)

Do not COMMENT in this thread.
(if you think this thread is great, wonderful, but we don't need to hear about it or need it bumped, its already stickied and at the top of the forum.)

If you have a question, start a new thread. This is not a help request thread.
(don't IM me either, I wont answer any technical questions over IM.)

i think i just broke some of them too... :twisted:

(feel free to delete this too :p )

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Haha tyson, I was waiting for that! I actually changed the section names so as not to infringe on your intellectual property :p

I don't think we need the rules, at least not yet. These are the first replies that have ever come to the thread. Once there is more on the FAQ I'll probably clean it up, but right now I'm concerned with getting more stuff going. If people want to PM me or post links, either way is fine. If I didn't want people to post, I'd lock it, and anyway I think the general intelligence and common sense level of this forum is a little higher than that on... the other forum.
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