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I assume your talking about the outside horizontal black strip along the bottom. these are about $45 a piece from honda. I went to a pick N pull junkyard and got two for about $10. they weren't mint, but way better than the ones on my car.

they are a pain to remove, I would recommend getting the replacements off a junk car so you can get used to messing with the clips. I broke several of them removing the ones at the junkyard. there is also a single screw at the front of the trim rail, hidden by the mirror. You'll have to move the mirror to get to it. I moved the mirror on one of the junk cars by ripping it off. Yeah, not an option for install on my car. heh.

I haven't gotten around to putting them on my car, though, I'm too scared to mess with it! :oops:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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