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Momma says dat probes is of da devil!

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Well as I sit writing this I am sore,bruised,and feeling a little guilty for cussing up a storm.
OK why you ask ?

Answer:I took on a job to help a money challenged female friend to fix her 91 ford probe turbo with 190,000 miles!

Now I know why Ford nixed those darn curses on 4 wheels.
I thought starter swap,no problemo_Oh but NoOoOoOoOoOo this one had ta fight me tooth and nail.
Well a job that should have taken me 45 minutes to an hour took 2.5 hrs.
Im sooooo glad that those cars are becoming more and more rare as the years go by. :lol:

Oh and for you guys that wonder why some car jobs cost alot. Thats why!
LOL OK rant over.....(and now back to your regularly scheduled program) :wink:
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What made it so rough a dealio? Wedged in some impossible spot?

I ermember working at the shop I did power steering hoses on a lincoln continental or some such like that... took FOREVER because the lines were in such a miserable place... and I've got relatively small hands, too.
Dude,Have you ever done a starter on a 2.2L Turboed probe?
Can you say NO ROOM to access bolts.UGH!

I literally had to r&r some of the charge piping just to see the bolts. LOL
Not a job I would like to repeat,believe me! :lol:
But then again I have always hated probes.
So...who is to blame then? is it Mazda? or is it Ford? :p
stickershop said:
So...who is to blame then? is it Mazda? or is it Ford? :p
Haha thats easy.....both for building such a craptastic car! :lol:
Sorry never read this till now but how did the car run? i used to go to high school with a guy who had a Mazda 626 (i think) that was basically the same and had the boost turned up and made it into a runner.
i've driven my co-worker's mx-6 gt (turbo) and it was pretty quick. mmm mmm do i love boost now :) that was the first turbo car i've driven, but definately won't be the last.... researching blow-thru carb turbo setups :D
it very well may have been a 626. this same co-worker also owns a 626 gt (also turbo) but he said it doesn't seem to pull like the mx-6. he thinks some parts may be aftermarket that he doesn't know of, but i think it could very well be just the health of the engine/turbo.
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