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I started looking at it...and I thought to myself "With a some body work and some paint, and the straightening of the front hood/bumper, it might not look too bad..." And then I got to the 4th picture and saw the taillights. *pukes*. WTH???

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Although it pains me to say this, compared to some of the cars you see on ebay these days that car is not half bad. :(

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Although it pains me to say this, compared to some of the cars you see on ebay these days that car is not half bad.
Yes it is... I will even go as far as to say i liked the rainbow one more. The one with the paint job and the white interior. Well, at least it makes me feel better about my car.

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I saw Maxima headlight swap and thought it could be cool, but they used the newer lights. If he used the last generation's, it may have had better results.

Then what is up with the lowrider in the second link. Can anyone say "camber issues?"

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*spew* such time, effort, and money spent to produce such garbage...WHAT is going on in these people's heads??? :evil:

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actually if not forthe taillights the tirst one isn't that bad with some work to make the head lights fit, the second one is a shame,

the ugliest headlight swap i have seen on a crx is the newer civic headlights, the things look like bug eyes on a poor rex

i was thinking about doing an s15 headlight swap

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Lets analyze this description shall we?
Up for auction is my 1991 CRX.... She's kind of a beast if you take care of her.
What he is actually saying..... This car will require ALOT of work to fix my mistakes.

I'm moving back to New York city and i have to part with this car... and simply cant finish it.
What he is actually saying... I'm skipping town as fast as I can before someone recognises me in this heap.

...race header with cat (the header is kinda dented up on the bottom, I suggest going turbo)
What he is actually saying...Theres a crummy ebay jdm "style" header that I've Ghetto-rigged up to the exhaust.Oh and because I've lowered my car by heating the springs the header is rubbed through and I'm not spending another dime fixing this piece!

The body work was done a while ago, and it needs to be redone bad.
What he is actually saying...I experimented with bodywork and found out that I suxxor.You can fix my mistakes. I'm not responsible for them and my mom says its time for dinner.(WooHoo spaghettios!)

The tail lights in the back need to be chopped down like an inch to make perfect clearance for the trunk lid
What he actually is saying...I seriously got messed up on acid and peyote one night and stole my neighbors taillights and mounted them on my car.I think I drilled the holes for them a bit too high.Oh well you can fix it right?!

... and the front bumper came off on me like 4 times from all the snow we get up here.
What he is actually saying...The .99 pack of sheetmetal screws I got from K-mart keep pulling through.Oh well I guess you could pick up some bigger screws right?!

The Tail Lights never have or never will give you a problem because they're LED's...
What he is actually saying is...I read and believe everything I see on the internet...and you should too!

I hooked up a cd player but never finished installing a system..
What he is actually saying...My local ricer buddy said he has mAd wIrInG sKiLlZ yo.So I helped him wire in my head unit,but imagine my surprise it doesnt work.It must be a defective unit cause I keep installing a fuse and that darn radio keeps blowing them and smoking now.hmm?

I'll include 12" subwoofers so you can make a box in the gap i left to get to the trunk storage...
What he is actually saying ...I have these 2 awesome Kraco subs that you can fab into a box to hide the holes I left in the rear panel because I didnt look at how to remove the rear interior properly.Hey its not my fault.You fix it yO!

I had to make some space when I relocated the red top optima battery to the back of the car.
See above excuse!

I have boxes of miscellaneous parts like fuel rails, intake manifolds, interior panels, and all kinds of nonsense that either came from the car or a donor that i can throw in if you want.
What he is actually saying...After me and my boyz dismantled the car we had these "leftover parts".hmm? I dunno.

The car is very loud, primarily because of the exhaust but there is a lot of movement in the parts. The header hits the front crossmember when its cold and you can hear it for a while when you first turn the car on.. Again just get a turbo and that'll fix everything..
What he is actually saying...Remember the cool JDM "style" header?because of my mAd tYte welding skills with map gas and a brazing stick the exhaust doesnt quite line up,but thats the stupid header's fault.It should have lined up better.Just fab up a turbo setup and shut up.Its not my fault!

...and Reweatherproof the gap right where the hatch seal starts.. because water is starting to get in (a common problem with old CRX's).
What he is actually saying...Since I screwed up on the taillight install the hatch doesnt close all the way.Hey this excuse sounds logical.Hey what do I care your buying it right?

There is no power steering and no a/c but there is room and plugs for that to be all reattached.. And the climate control i had put in had an a/c button so you wont have to dish out 200 bucks for one.
What he is actually saying...Hehe I'll just make some crap up and let the suckers think they are getting something worth while.:)

Sorry I had to do it.......
This guy is in LALAland if he thinks he will get $xxxxx for that POS.
Hope you have enjoyed my little observation.:lol:
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