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Motion creates emotion!

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Standard phrase that holds true oh so very well...

So, how does this allow us to generate a better forum experience? We use it to its fullest!

We need more posts. It can be about most anything, technical, even tech tips. Did you just learn something new in the garage that you hadn't seen before? Would you like ot back up someone elses claim of something working or not working?

Post more... post anything. The more you post, the more it will urge others to post. This isn't about some silly postcount or anything, and i really do not mean whoring out the site either... but sensible and meaningful posts can be had. If everyone on this site made just ONE solitary post each day, this place would be a buzz of chatter... think about it... you'll probably have at LEAST one topic interest you enough to post after making your post... so there is two at least, and maybe more.

We need to get this forum moving, and keep it moving. Those other big forums out there survive by pure traffic. There is a lot going on there.. a lot of motion. They didn't start out with 100,000 members... they started out with a small few, and it grew to astronomical proportions!

I'm not saying we need another Honda-Tech, because we don't... but this forum CAN be better, and move more information. See something neat on another forum you visit? Post it here... may as well.

If you want this forum to succeed, then help it!

Any message forum online is ONLY what YOU make it... unlike the election process, you CAN make a difference! lol...

So lets rally, and turn this site into the leading CRX site on the web! The Resource got there a long time ago because it was just one of two... now there are MANY. What will set us apart from the others?

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Ive only been here a short while, but I can already see the potential of this site.

One thing I would like to see is the "HOW-TO" section grow. I have a few I may be able to contribute, if I can find my old write-ups.
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