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ITruns20s said:
550 dollars for a zc? are you kidding.. come to pa and i will take you to my local junkyard. there are 6 1st gen integras, all 5sp. all hit in the rear that i know of. i was there 2 days ago. all have the original dohc 1.6 motor. you have to pull it yourself but you can get the full swap for 150 bucks. and a few hours of work.
Good deal for motors that will not even bolt up to 2nd gen Crx and have a lower hp raiting than the Zc. :rolleyes1:

The d16a1's (1st Gen Teg motors) are really only good swaps for 3rd Gen Civics/1st Gen Crx's.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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