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Mounting your engine on the stand

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so you're ready to start your engine build but have problems mounting it. well i thought i would help those ppl who's had problem (like myself) mounting their engine to their stand. due to the bolts were not long enough. ppl stated that they've used only three bolts to mount their engine and it was fine. but if you're like myself, i want to the make sure you used the four mounts. now let get to it.

i bought new tranny bolts from the dealership cause when i bought my tranny and engine they were sperated. all the bolt and starter bolt came for under $20. now when i went to mount my engine i notice that the tranny bolts were short.

i was told to cut back my stand 3/4" but i had no access to a hacksaw. so i did the next best thing i took a measurement of the OEM tranny bolt then went to Lowe's. a stock OEM tranny bolt is 12mm X 1.25 X 65. so with that at hand i headed to lowe's. i bought 4 bolt that were 12mm X 1.25 X 90 the bolts came out to $26.03. i only need 3 but i bought 4. go figure. so now you can see that the bolt cleared it better than the OEM.

so now i was able to bolt up my tranny but w/only 3 bolt. so i was looking at the engine housing and notice it was a 10mm bolt. i went to my box of bolts and found a Lower Control Arm bolt. it cleared the stand(sorry no pic), i was able to mount the last arm to my engine. here's the pic of the bolts mounted. as you notice the lower bolt is the LCA bolt and the top bolt is the Lowe's bolt.

end result:

now here are the bolts side by side and sizes:

Lowe's bolt - 12mm X 1.25 x 90
OEM LCA bolt - 10mm X 1.25 X 80
OEM tranny bolt - 12mm X 1.25 X 65

on one last footnote, Lowe's bolts are not automobile grade bolts since i'm not going to be driving my engine stand around it will be fine. instead of using a OEM LCA bolt you can buy the all the bolts from Lowe's and as you can see the 80 bolt fits fine but i perfered a 90 so i can have more grip.

well i hope i was able to help you. by the way do you think an oil stain comes out of a cream carpet. lol. who cares.


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awsome write up and pics to bump.

As for that oil stain, lol, ironically enough i happen to have cream carpet in my apartment. Last year i rebuild a d-series tranny in my living room on a couple blankets, i thought it was completely drained, well it was'nt. When i opened the case and turned it on its side about 1/2 a cup of MTF poured onto the blankets, i was so scared to tell my G/F about spilling oil on the carpet because she already had enough of a fit about me putting a tranny in our living room. Well i just left the blankets and oil stain there for a good 3 weeks and never tried to clean it. When i finally took the tranny out of the living room and picked up the blankets to my susprise there was no reminense of the oil spill what so ever. I don't know what the point of my typing all this was, i just though it was kinda ironic. lol, good luck.
thanks man, i'm about to also venture into rebuilding my tranny but i'm also throwing in a OBX lsd. i'm a little scare but i've done enough research and seen enough videos to know it isn't that hard.
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