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Movie Review (Fastest Indian...) +

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We saw The Fastest Indian... Liked it very much (except for some of
the gratuitous dialog = something for the kids, I suppose). I
especially wanted to cheer when he blasted by those other guys on the
beach! I enjoyed how it revealed "old-folk love", and also was
suspicious of the ingredients in the pouch, probably "something else"
in there, too. The mexican guy was a hoot. & Love them hookers! And such
nice cinematrography / scenery / props. GREAT casting! Those Honchos at the Bonny Speed-event. Liked the whole scene at the bar, the camera orientation was right-on for the outside segue to the inside of the bar. etc. The greatest part was of course The Need For Speed (in those days!).

Hard Candy trailer; that film might be a challenge to view, but the
trailer was seductive. I read reviews - folks said it was scary/NOT
gory. Which is worse?

Less challenging might be Memoirs Of A Geisha (mostly Chinese
actresses!) though equally seductive by nature, but I doubt it gets
past teaser-level...
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Anthony Hopkins was great in "Indian" but the rest of the movie was only OK. The SCTA folks howled when they saw that movie, let's just say there was a lot of Hollywood make-believe in the story.

On the other hand, any movie about an old guy who just wants to go fast is OK with me.

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