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from landscaping that is.

I got home from pruning trees this afternoon :rolleyes1:, and finally got a phone call from Hawver Display here, in town. I had my first 2 interviews with them a month ago. I called 2 weeks ago to see if they had found anyone, but they have been so busy they haven't had time to get help... catch 22 going on there. Anyway, they'd like me to come in Friday and get the paper work out the way, and I start on Monday.

I will be designing displays for supermarkets, packaging for things such as Discovery Channel videos, sporting goods, the cardboard things which hang on the end of the aisles in retail stores, some trade show exhibits, and the like.

A job with benefits and good pay... what will I do with myself?!?!?

Hmm, I guess I'll just have to be generous and share some of this new found income with the rex... N13, Here I come!!!!

I might even have some money for my wedding come the end of May! :beer: :beer: :beer:

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See, thats my problem right now... I have 4 cars at my household to deal with...

2006 Kia Rio- fiance's, and runs well, and the price is right :p Its a gift

1995 Saturn SL2- fiance's, and is running well now that I put a battery in it. Then I crashed it... thankfully all the panels are plastic and unbolt, and the yard had one the same color. We plan on selling this after my truck is fixed.

1995 Ford Ranger XLT long bed- Mine, which crapped out on me coming back from Tom's when his engine broke. I still haven't gotten the thing running right again. This has new plugs, wires, coil, crank position sensor, battery, 3 O2s, catalytic converter, blueprinted fuel injectors.. I think thats all. This was to solve a misfire in 2 cylinders (of 6).

Its now at the Ford dealer to be checked out in the morning...

1989 Honda CRX- Mine, You all know this one

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jfrolang said:
Woot! The updates should start rolling in then, right Scott?
unless I decide to keep it on the DL and surprise you all at N13 :twisted:

markwilliamson said:
Go to the doctor and have that nagging injury looked at for a $20 co-pay? :Razz:
Like what feels like a chipped bone in my elbow thats been there for about 3 years?

Its me Dub said:
Good benefits and pay are good...if that's the stuff you enjoy doing, then that's great! Congrats!
I'm not too sure if I will enjoy the exact projects that I'll be working on, but it will be better than cutting grass. I'd be more interested in doing consumer electronics or the like, and eventually automotive work.

I've been trying to get some automotive art work out, but I was just about to release prints and found that I can't get them printed because I used emblems.

ollie said:
Glad to see good fortune smiling on you scott!

As for your Ranger...sorry bro its not easy trying to diagnose over a phone.
LMK what the stealership says..
$275 to find out its either the cam worn down, the piston rings are shot, theres a hole in a piston, or its a burnt valve... Now I can just say "I told you so" to a certain someone....

I test drove an 06 Ranger, and 07 yesterday. I also looked at the F150, but we don't have the lease option you mentioned, and that thing makes my plow truck seem small.

I didn't have very good luck at the Toyota dealership... they were a bunch of morons. I wanted to check out an 04 Tacoma TRD, but they couldn't find the keys :rolleyes1: Even with 3.9% financing, that made me walk out. Oh, and the girl just unlocked a new one, then wanted to talk numbers. No test drive, no info, no numbers

JKG08 said:
they'll tell him something different but I can tell ya the problem with the ranger right's a FORD.

But thats just my non-professional opinion on the situation :D
Found On Road Dead... or in my case, parking lot

bil said:
Congrats on the job and the wedding, and best of luck with both!

Yeah, benefits. Sweet, especially at first. Then you get 10 years or so in the job, and you catch yourself thinking, I can't leave this job yet, I'm close to 20 and I want the retirement bennies..... (;

Seriously, if you're getting a pay bump, and you haven't yet, hit that roth ira hard.
Yea, better be a slight pay bump from the 8.50 I was getting :p

Dodo said:
Way to go man. Good luck with all the fun stuff coming up in your life.

Take the money and spend it on your car, you need to spoil both of the women in your life. :lol:
Thats the plan!

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A little over a week down at work, and it seems I'm fitting in pretty well. I've already had a few things out the door, or at least ready to be very soon. It felt like a very productive first week.

It's not the most exciting work, but it keeps ya busy, and you'd be suprised how much goes into those counter displays/cards.

We finished up 2 XM radio counter cards for car dealers, and Harley dealers, which holds brochures. Pretty neat little piece. We've been working on a fire breathing bear for Toasted Head winery. I'm doing a rack for Boss Sauce's (western NY hot sauce company) 25th anniversary. I also worked on a tray for Phisoderm.

The best part is how laid back the company seems. All the management's doors are almost always open (literally). I also did get hooked up with some decent pay, and they waved the three month wait on health care benefits. They also have the 3% IRA fund. Plus, I'll be getting a pretty nice raise when the 3 months is up too.
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