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A couple of weeks ago, I finally got my hands on an entire Z6 engine and took it to Forward Motion Motorsport's Jim for a rebuild. Part two of that plan was for him to come GET my CRX, haul it back down to his place, yank and trash the old D15B2, graft in the new-ish Z6, chip the P28, add in a SI tranny (if he can find it ini his garage), and I get to beat on it all the way back to Flint! (No, j/k...I would NEVER beat on a newly rebuilt engine...)

Needless to say, he's hard at work on the engine (even gave me a call about "which color I would like the valve cover painted? Crinkle-coat black, grey, or red..." I love this guy!).

So I'm all pissin' my pants waitin for him to say he's ready to come get the car to drop it in, and one day, I can't wait anymore. But since I don't have another fun Honduh to play around in, like the true dumb-ass that I am, I grab one of the neighbor kid's bikes and commence to doing wheelies in the street in front of my house.

One ill-timed pull on the handlebars brings Mr. Featherlight bicycle completely out from under me. My feet immediately go to the ground, only one of them isn't ready to meet pavement yet. So my ankle rolls...and snaps.

Long story short, even if FMM finishes my rebuild in the next 30 days, I won't be able to drive it. Fractured left ankle = no clutchey pedal workey 4 joo!

I could actually give a flyin farfegnugen that I'm walking around on crutches. The part about not driving my CRX is what REALLY burns me. I've waited ALL THIS TIME to get the thing redone, and just when I bite the bullet and get the works started, I couldn't drive it if I WANTED TO.

Has anyone else recently gotten forcefully bent over by Mr. Bad Luck?

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While i wouldn't want to do this for very much longer than absolutely necessary, yes, you CAN drive with no clutch if you HAD to (or just want to test your new toy.. hehe)...

To Go:

Gear is 1st, engine off, hit starter to get moving... semi-violent, but once moving, going in and out of gears is a matter of speed and use of rev-matching... tricky, but doable. And your starter might begin to hate you.

To Stop:

leave it in gear, and apply brakes till it stops... Alternatively, pop it out of gear, and let it idle, stop, then shut it off, and wait for the green.

^^ above is usefull for those who have clutch cables snap, clutches sieze up from a broken spring, etc... been there, done that, many times... lol! :lol:

But yea, I think i agree with the "Mr Stupidity" comment... haha! he does visit me quite often sometimes to, especially when i'm trying to impress my nephews and try to do soccer moves and stuff that i used to do a long time ago.... i haven't forgotten HOW to do them, my body just forgets how to listen to my brain, and so then it suffers needlessly. Hahahaa!

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Hey Tony:
I'll be more than happy to "break in" your rex for ya! :wink:
Heck bonus I even know where Jim(from FMM) lives! :lol:
What do ya say...? :lol:
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