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Hey all,
this was my first car that I bought when I was 19 years old. I bought it even when I didn't have a license at the time! I found it on Craigslist for $1900 and had my dad drive it for me since I didn't even know how to drive stick, so the following weekend my dad took me to a church parking lot where he gave me the basics.
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I loved it so much I bought the CR-Z half a year later as a more practical and reliable daily. I then dumped tens of thousands of dollars into it with a supercharger, limited slip diff, new final gears, full set of suspension, Mugen wheels/wing/grille, full fuel system, gauges and gauge pod and a lot more. The CRX however, I only put a little bit into. But I've bee investing into some high quality parts.
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I had known King Motorsports for maybe a year and a half at this point after buying the Mugen N1 dampers for the car. After buying a set of Mugen wheels for my dad's Crosstour, my brother and I set out to King Motorsports to pick them up. While we were there, we got into a conversation about classic Mugen wheels. Scott at King Motorsports suddenly told me "I have a set of wheels for your CRX."
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All I saw was the Mugen emblem on the outside of the wheel. He then told me about the wheels. He bought a set of tires in 1988 for a racecar and shredded them. He bought two new tires and took the two good used ones off the racecar, mounted them on these Mugen CF-48 wheels... and let them sit in his warehouse ever since 1990. The two new tires were never driven on, with the tread pattern still perfectly intact. He then followed with "I was thinking of selling them in a few weeks, but... do you want them?"
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A week later I sent him the money (and bought a Mugen exhaust for the CR-Z) and went back to pick them up a week after that. The aero discs were included with the wheels and the whole deal was given to me at a price too good to be true. After a few months, I saved up to mount the replica Yokohama Advan A008 tires and had them air freighted from Japan. I mounted them up and they look just right!
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The only interior changes I made were to swap the steering wheel, shift knob and hub out. The old wheel was fine but the back was sticky and gross, so I bought a new Mugen Racing III steering wheel. I had a fixed OMP hub, but I swapped it for a Works Bell Rapfix II hub later. The shift knob is a King Motorsports exclusive 5 speed billet shift knob. I tried installing a Mugen MS-R racing seat but the rails were too high up, so I'll need to have the side adapters welded to the stock rails somehow.
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Driving around town in this thing is always great when it's cool enough to drive without air conditioning (obviously it's broken). It still gets lots of eyeballs and questions at stop lights and parking lots. However, I have some big plans for it in the future. Since it's not perfect with some rust and broken plastics, and I like taking things to the extreme, I plan a full build and engine swap to take it on the autocross and full length road course! I've already secured some critical suspension parts and have plans for the engine and dash. I'm going to keep the exact plans under wraps since I have some alternate plans if some fall through and I don't want to set myself up to disappoint people with unfulfilled promises. Pic below is a set of made to order dampers made in Germany but only sold in Japan. My favorite part exporter managed to secure me a set, and I added a set of Ground Control height adjustable springs.
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However, due to personal reasons, I'm ditching my regular day job to join the US Navy. I'm gonna rack up some recruiting bonuses from some incentives to be able to afford more parts and use it to kickstart a different career while I'm not too old and tied down yet. I should be shipping out by the end of September. I'm hoping to get stationed in Japan to meet some of the friends I've made out there. Fingers crossed.
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