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I would guess the siren was the only thing left from an old install or something. I mean, unless it came with keychain remotes or something like that, how would you even arm it? What would be the point of a remote that only had a panic mode, anyway? It has to sound when someone tries to get into the car, or it's 100% worthless.

Do you have a remote? Have you located the "brain" of the alarm? Is it even in the car? Unless everything is there and wired up and working properly, including a way to arm/disarm the system, what's the point? If you find all this stuff, it will probably have a model number that you can use to get a manual for it. If you can't find all this stuff, I'd pull the siren out and trash it or just install a new alarm system, one that you know was installed correctly, know how to operate, and know that you can depend on to warn you if someone breaks into your car.
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