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Heres some pics of what Ive been working on
ARP Head Studs, new honda timing tensioner, new honda water pump, New engine mount

Nother head stud shot

modded head gasket, hasport EFB2 kit

Skunktastic manifold, custom fuel lines

Rear shot

Skunk2 Stage 2's wth skunk2 cam gears

I got to get some pics of the back of the block. Z10 block fitting, BSPT plug for the top pcv port. fun fun fun. got to get this stuff buttoned up ASAP,

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too much probably.

it started with me saying, hmmm, I have a new CRX here and I have a crashed GSR in my driveway....maybe I should put two and two together..

So I bought some motor mounts and shift linakge and a harness. The motor already had a decent amount done to it, but the extra rebuild stuff I put in it has run me about a grand i guess

Heres a rundown on the motor:
Started as a B18C1

Top End Mods: (about $2000 so far)
Skunk2 Stage 2 Camshafts
Skunk2 Adjustable Cam Gears
ITR Valve Springs, Retainers, and LMA's
Honda Cam Seal, Valve Seals, Valve Cover Gasket, Spark Plug Gaskets
Magnecore 8.5mm Wires
NGK VPower Spark Plugs
ITR Valve Cover
Skunk2 Oil Cap
Skunk2 Plug Cover
Skunk2 Intake Manifold
BBK Ported Throttle Body
Custom Earls Fuel Filter/SS Line with AN fittings
Cleaned and Balanced stock GSR Injectors
AEM Fuel Pressure Regulator

Bottom End Mods: (about $1500 so far)
ARP Head Studs
Modified GSR Head Gasket
CTR N1 Endurance Crank Pulley
ITR Oil Pump
Honda Timing Belt, Tensioner, Water Pump, Thermostat, Oil Pan Gasket
Fidanza Flywheel
Z10 Crankcase Ventilation Plug / BPST Top Plug
Honda Block Ventilation Port
JAZ Open Catch Can

Other: (about $800)
Hasport EFB2 Hydro Mount Kit
Hasport Shift Linkage
Rywire PnP Conversion Harness
Cromed out P28

Other Notable Modifications:
HR Race Springs
Neuspeed Front and Rear Upper Strut Bars
Skunk2 Short Shifter
Skunk2 Weighted Shift Knob
Rota GT3's 15"x7" w/ 205/50/15 BFGoodrich KDW2s

Parts waiting to go in (waiting on rain):
ES Master Kit
AEM Big Brake Kit
Si Rear Trailing Arms
ES Trailing Arm Bushing
Omnipower Rear Upper Control Arms
GSR Rear Lower Control Arms with ES Bushings
CRX Si Rear Calipers with EBC Greenstufff Pads
Earls Rear SS Brake Line
GSR Front Calipers with EBC Greenstuff Pads
New Honda Front Upper Control Arms
Honda Lower Balljoints
Neuspeed 22mm Rear Sway
JDM ITR Gauge Cluster

Things I need I dont have:
New Hood
Civic EX Front Spindles
EDM ZC H4 Glass US Fit Headlights from Seti

I think thats about it. Should be a nice daily driver, so I can work on my fast rex.

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all i know, is this damn thing better be quick. Ive never had a b powered CRX before. My GSR was pretty fast, so I know thisll be quicker.

but will it be faster then my turbo hatch? that is the question

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yes it is, back when i first got it. GR2's, Ground contorls, homemade intake, custom no exhaust, and zdyne SECU with a slipping lcutch and the smell of animal inside.

also custom grafix on the hood.

and no its not.

and thats not the lowest CRX i ever had. That was dumped on 6" GCs (just screwing around).

the lowest crx I ever had was dropped on 80's accord front shocks, with 6" eibach SRS springs and lowered forks in the front. in the back I modified the upper strut mount and was running a CRX shock with another 6" Eibach SRS Spring. the car was lowered well over 4".

I had to clearance (ie cut a hole in) the upper strut tower to clear the upper control arm at the height.

yeah, not the smartest thing, but at least I had some fun.

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whys that?

unfortunately thats my old house *sniff sniff*

I live in the ghetto now. Although Ill be moving back down to the dirty south ASAP.

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oh man, im gonna find some gratitous driveway pics....there was a time i had like 7 cars of my own plus my girls and roomates was a mess. Ill post it up if i can find it.

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