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Alright, so i'm i college now and i havnt had any chance to work on my car. So instead i worked out a game plan for what i'm going to be doing with it over Thanksgiving and christmas break. I've had this car for almost 2 years now and i've put more time/effort/money into her than i probably should. So i decided I was going to finaly finish everything i needed to with her. I wanted to know your opinions on what i'm doing and maybe offer any advice you can about how to do it right.

First off, my car: As of right now, its 3/4 black and purple metalic and 1/4 black primer. I have a mini-me swap(z6) I/H/E. The front bumper is some crap fiberglass thing held on my 2 side mount screws and a home made bracket in the middle. If you kicked it hard enough, it would fall right of. OK, so i used to have these [ricer] ambitions so i replaced my fenders with those crap knock-off fiberglass ones. worst money i ever spent The fitment is horrible and there super low quality. So i'm goin back to stock. As for the bumper, i'm going to be getting a urethane one tht will last.

So down to what i'm gonna be doing. Replacing the fenders will take some time because i have my skirts molded to them. so i'm going to have to bondo a lot. I'd try to go completly back to stock, i just dont have the money. So fenders are going on and the bumper is going on. During this time, i'm going to be taking out the engine and tearing it apart. It smokes a bit and the bottom end needs a little work. I was thinking of replacing the crank bearings, valve seals, pistion rings and head gasket. I'm also going to get the head milled so its flat.While this is goin on i'm going to be preping the car for paint. I'm getting it black(origonal color).

So if you have any advice for me, please speak up. I know a lot of you have a lot more expierence than i do, and i want to do this right. One other thing. Can i get the actual engine block milled as well as the head, just so it has a perfect fit?
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