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MY intro

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Hey there everyone my name is Rob. I just got my first 2nd gen rex after about five years searching for something that I could afford. As for rexs in general I owned three first gens. But for those you have to do alot of researching and searching to find parts or you have to know how to make your own. If you would like to check out some of my projects and here are the sites
I will put up some pics soon of my projects. I have a couple of them and thinking of selling off one of them as soon as I get it back from the garage and put some of the last remaining parts that I have on it. So anyways I am just saying hi to every one so later[/img]
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five years of searching! wow. :shock:

the first two links are really F & F rice action, but the red 1st gen looks fairly nice. I hope that bluish one didn't get in the accident from the top speed run... :rolleyes1:
yeah the red on was nice but at the time that I owned it I had no time to do anything with it. So finally some one offered me two grand for it so I sold it then he sold if for four hundred now I have the option of buying it back for the four hundred. As for the blue one it was my first one. And I was pulling out of a parking lot and got hit head on. believe it or not I wasnt even moving. Yeah it sucked cause I just put the new header piece on and that headlight housing was new along with the dual exhaust that I had put on. It was all installed the day before that pic was taken. It really sucked.
Pretty tacky, but i should have known better, it is car domain... The rice Haven.
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