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my "new" lights (56k no way)

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I finally got the chance to paint my tail lights, since this weekend has been sunny. I think they turned out pretty freakin awesome.

It was a breeze to do, too. I used acetone, and my fingernail to remove the CRX sticker on the center piece, then masking tape, some newspaper, and a single thick coat of bumper paint is all it took. Left to dry around two hours in a garage where no dust could get to it, and voila, lights that dont need soy sauce to look good. I was thinking to remove the Honda and the H from the rear window, too, but not today.

The plastic is in rough shape, with cracks in them, but no leaks from the cracks so far, and i siliconed both sides of the gaskets before i mounted them on the car again, so the minimal leakage i had should be gone, and hopefully my windows will stop fogging up whenever it rains.

here are some pics.

and the front too, just gotta paint the bumper lights, and ill be black all over

The front end pics were taken on a different day, at a different house. After i painted the tail lights i realised the car REALLY needs a wash, but im too hungry to keep working on it. Ill wash her tomorrow.
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