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Well, here she is in all her (slightly rusted 77 year old) glory..... this last weekend, my and my girlfriend went up to Nashville, TN to pick up this beauty! It was a rather long trip, but well worth it. It could have been worse though, the gentleman i bought it from was gracious enough to meet us halfway, since the guy lived in Nebraska!

The car is a 1930 Ford Model A 'Slant Window' Sedan that has been converted into apickup truck cab. This is going to be one really fun little project :)

Just after taking delivery... and how she looked from the hotel room :)

On the way home, we stopped at a 'scenic overlook', so i stopped, and took some pics of my new toy there... i would have stayed longer, but it was 34 degrees out, and beginnning to lightly snow/rain.

Here it is at home finally! Got a pic of it in my driveway, and one higher pic of how everything was sorta packed...

Once we got it off the truck at the shop...

First order of business was to get it set up to begin looking at it and seeing what it'll need... first thing to do though, is flip the chassis back over, since it is upside-down here :p

There we go... chassis flipped over :)

Nice side shot inside the shop...

Lots more to come of this beast... next thing to do is to build a rotisserie rack like i did for the CRX, so that i can safely put it into the air, and then it will be sand-blasted to remove all the rust and crap, so we can see exactly what i have to start with once all the rust isn't holding it together anymore.... :x It should be fine, the body isn't rusted THAT badly ;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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