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well at the beginning of the summer i bought my first CRX, i just needed a cheap car to get around in and i found a 88 crx, its all stock minus the b16 thats swapped into it and some gay tail lights. after driving it for a week i got the tuning bug lol so i was planning some things i wanted to do with it but then after driving it a while longer i kept finding more probs with it.. finding rust holes in the trunk and in the wheel well, and my drivers side floor gets wet when it rains :huh: , so i decided to look for a shell i could use as a project car after about a week or so of looking i found one for $500, the body needs work but the frame is strong and it came with koni yellows and eibach springs.

so the plan for my project is as follows:
fix all rust (obviously)
paint it jet black
JDM front end conversion
JDM Glass roof
15" rota slipstreams (black)
JDM black recaros
power steering
4 wheel disk
maybe swap to a hydro tranny
swap in the b16a from my other CRX
and turbokit maybe next year, my goal is to have a low 13 second CRX (which shouldnt be hard to accomplish)

im sure im missing a few things i want to do but those are the main parts, oh and maybe a wire tuck.

this is my daily driver right now:

ps. i HATE these tail lights, i dont know what would bring someone to buy these (btw they are for sale if anyone wants to buy them! HAHA

and these are the only pics i have of my project car right now


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hey guys whats up.. i did a lil work on my project rex today with my roommate.. all we did was rip out the entire interior minus the dash. Its supposed to be going into the shop as early as this weekend im hoping (just waiting for the guy thats doing the work to finish an EG hatch) just thought id post up some progress pics of it.. nothing too special but enjoy :D

all the interior pieces..

empty engine bay.. have yet to decide what engine im going to use (tempted to pay the money for a CTR or ITR LOL)

gutted interior

sparco pedals that came with the car.. have to take them out and polish those suckers up.. or im going to buy mugen racing pedals

Koni yellows and eibach springs that also came with the car

exterior shots..

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