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This is my 91' CRX VT.. It's still quite stock with a stock B16a engine producing 150bhp. Special things about it is that it's an rare KS model made for the scandinavian market with heated seats originally and stock headlight squirters (they were lost when i crashed some years ago, but i just need to find new nozzles)

- K&N 57i airfilter
- Autostyle induction kit
- Oem Type-R valvecover
- ATF Superblue brakefluid

- Invidia N1
- Thermal R&D 3"

- Supersport sportsdampers
- FK Automotive springs 40/40
- Energy Suspension tranny linkage

- Brembo MAX

- (OLD)Rota Flight 15x6
- (NEW)Bridgestone V'racing 16x7

- J's racing lip
- PIAA yellow foglights
- Amber cornerlights
- New oem rearlights
- OEM DOHC VTEC sticker on the doors
- Yellow headlights (Courtesy of
- OEM Mudflaps
- Thule Roof Rack
- ViS CF SiR hood
- Carbon Sunroof from Aerodynamic

- Fastline Performance Shifter
- "Mugen" gear knob
- Sabelt suede wheel
- OEM Rear Seats, came as standard
- OEM heated seats
- Pioneer 7900
- JBL Decade 6*9
- Kicker L7 8"

- New TUVapproved Coilovers, possibly Weitec
- maybe other seats
- fix the remaining rust
- Repaint the rear wing
- Xenon Sideskirts

time for pics

oldest first, which was taken in 2006 the day i got it with some HORRIBLE 17" wheels

on the way back from this i crashed

picked up after 3 months in the shop (waiting and searching for parts

heated KS seats

Experiment by Jone K. Overland, on Flickr

My CRX by Jone K. Overland, on Flickr

My CRX by Jone K. Overland, on Flickr

thanks for reading :)

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SETI20 said:
Nice car. Good to see you dumped the VT seats. Those are slippery.

A lowered VT with the stock lip looks fine.
But if you want to, you can modify one from a late 90's accord, renault laguna (cheap) or a civic coupe between 95 and 99.
actually i didn't dump them.. it's the original seats.. but i have the KS model that is made for scandinavia with special heated seats :)

i'll check out your tips on the lip

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Welcome fellow rexer!
Nice VT for sure..

hehe I thought jeff would be all over this pic. :lol:

I agree...I like the look of the squirters.. :)b

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Me wanty

Nice car man. Ks, thats a new one on me. How many other special models are out there?

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ollie said:
hehe I thought jeff would be all over this pic. :lol:
I think the console with those heater switches would be awesome for 'cool points' at meets, but it's also more invasive than my current setup.

zerocool1014a said:
this model to me is yet another example how the automakers and politicians like to screw the usdm market... nice car tho totally jealous.
Politicians really have nothing to do with what models are sold here, though some government agencies are involved. CARB, NHTSA, EPA and IIHS all play a role.

You also have to remember that when the CRX was introduced in the US, the idea of a 'premium small car' was absurd in this market. Small cars were supposed to be penalty boxes for broke bastards. Honda was just being realistic when making decisions about what models to sell here. Apparently the SiR/VT would have cost in the 20's when a dx was 10k. Though Car & Driver would have loved it, I doubt the sales would have been there. The KS model with heated seats and headlight washers was exclusive to Northern Europe because of their cold weather.

I know there are plenty of other examples where the US doesn't get the great cars, but the fact is that we have more automobile choices than any other country in the world. Usually the cars we complain about wanting are higher-end models of something we do have, which gives all of us that opportunity to import parts and make something unique. :p

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thanks for ALL the comments

looks like i'm going to lower it this weekend..

and i saw a pic of a red crx with a carbon hood and lip so now i think i finally have a plan, to bad shipping is more expensive than anything else ;)
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