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:sigh:.... ok, so i was at a party last night, and it was found out early on that i didn't have a MySpace account (oh, heaven forbid!!! :lol: )... So, i went ahead and created one for the heck of it, because something about it told me that i just didn't need to be the last person in the universe without a MySpace account... lol.

So, my feeble attempt is located here:

Anyone else on here have MySpace?

And of course...... "Will you be my friend?" Hahahahaha!! :lol:

Ah well, time to go home and nurse the remains of the hangover... 8)
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Of course i'll be your friend :D . I am never on it anymore though. Make sure you check out some of the groups, there are even some CRX groups, i'm the moderator of one of them. I'll send you a friends request.

Who else has a myspace?
"Myspace is the Devil" In my best Mama Boucher voice.
I added you. I think myspace is pretty dumb but it has actually has been a median for me meeting some old friends from about 9 years ago. There are a lot of bands on there that I would have never thought would be there. So its nice to be in a somewhat of a close contact with old friends and favorite bands.

edit- plus there are a lot of people who like crx's and whatnot so I add people when they say nice car or something
I've seen some of those "myspace" accounts, there are very fine chicas roaming around there!! :wink:
ok, so this is another addiction i didn't need. I'll grow tired of it sooner or later, but so far its already consumed my sunday afternoon.... lol.

I added those of you that sent 'friend requests'... this is kind of a neat communication tool of sorts... i can see how this could be fairly powerful.

Joshman: Yeap, thats why i've tried to stay away from it up till now... haha!

BoostX: Yes.... yes, there are. hehe
I'll be your friend! It'd be great to get a real person in my list, so far I only have "Tom" who I guess is like the "Yahoo Helper", he's everybody's friend! :oops:
Who isn't on myspace or facebook. What do you live in a hole :p It is amazing how these site actually connect people. I have talked to people from highschool on there more then I ever did in highschool. This hole internet thing, it's CRAZY. :D I added you. mine for anyone interested and my facebook account. Don't think the facebookw ill work unless you are registered with them.

Laure: Awesome! Fill out your profile some... maybe some more pics besides the bunny.. hehe ;) And yea, that guy Tom didn't last long on my list... haha!

James: Yes, i very big dark hole. iPod? wth is that? lol! hey, i still don't have an MP3 player or satellite radio... i just got onto AIM regularly not too long ago. Yes, a very dark hole. :lol:
MarkWilliamson said:
I guess I'll be the last person to not have a myspace account.
Nah, probly me. I looked at a friends myspace page once and my computer went nuts, started freezing up and doing weird crap. No thanks, sorry I've got enough computer problems.
MarkWilliamson said:
I guess I'll be the last person to not have a myspace account.
I use my computer to look at some news on CNN and Idaho Statesman, check about 6 sites, 3 of them dealing with CRX's and read e-mail.

I've got too many friends as it is. :p

To everyones surprise I dont have one either! lol
I have other ways to keep in touch with my friends during my 24 hrs of free time a year, no need to be popular, and don't care to share my hawt friends with others :wink: j/k. Sooooooooo, yeah, no myspace for me.

I just added all of youz guys, so if you see some creepy dude in a scuba mask its me.
dont worry, I dont have one either. Dont plan on making one, I like my hole just the way it is :lol:
I made one about a month ago, I was always the one saying "MySpace is retarded", but I got bored one day and made one. 8)
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