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Myth or luck?

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Last week i changed my oil. Well i decided to use seafoam. Eh nothing much except i have 233,000 miles plus some change. If the headgasket went i had enough time and money to replace it so there wasnt a problem. Well my engine is running better than ever and since i dont need a headgasket i got an xbox 360 and there awesome. So love your honda and it rewards you.
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Yeah but 223,000 miles for that car is just getting it broken in.

Is there something special about it not being blown up yet?
Just a quick look on their site and it seems its used to cleanup "carbon buildups" more info here
And just some other stuff, Even though they specify diesel, I'm guessing it would have similiar results for gasoline cars.
Diesel Applications
Excellence in Performance

    * Cleans injectors
    * Adds lubricity
    * Anti-gel
    * Cleans crankcase
    * Restores power
    * Removes moisture
    * Cleans carbon
    * Stabilizes fuel
    * Diesel fuel conditioner

	Small Engine Applications
Works and Performs Instantly

    * Stabilizes fuel
    * Cleans carburetor
    * Cleans carbon
    * Removes moisture
    * Assures fast starts
    * Frees sticky rings
    * Restores power
    * Upper cylinder lube
    * Smooths rough idle
Just some info until ef8crazy posts more info fI guess >_>;

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eh sorry i read on an earlier post your not suppose to use it if you have more than 140,000 miles cause it can blow your headgasket
MarkWilliamson said:
What is this seafoam of which you speak?
Seafoam is what all of us poor american V8 owners use to keep our engines running clean after thay have 100K or more on them. It's been around for at least 50 years. It's basically carb cleaner / injector cleaner. Pour it in your gas tank and drive the motor clean. It's great for cleaning carbon off the cylinder walls too. A friend of mine bought a Ford super duty work van with a Lincoln 460 (7.5litre V8) in it that had been rebuilt with crap rings. The motor was always smoking and consuming a ton of oil. He poured a can on the stuff in with every fillup for a month and things are a whole lot happier. He still needs to change the rings if he wants the car to stop burning oil, but the labor on the engine swap is more than the rebuild. Poor guy. Seafoam is his engine's savior as the smoking is gone and the car idles a whole lot more smoothly.
I love Seafoam.

Here's a good HT writeupon how to Seafoam your car.

Check out the Seafoam smoke video.
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