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I got this email today so it look slike N12 is happening this year

The date and location have been confirmed for N12 - The 12th Niagara CRX Meet.

The meet has been handed over to a new organizing team headed up by Geoff (a.k.a. Cloudpump) and is already on it's way to being the best meet yet.

The meet will be held on July 8 - 9th at Rock Point Provincial Park which has more than enough room for everyone and lots of things to do in the park. There are a few large parking areas of both grass and gravel that hold about 200 cars each.

We will be in the group site, most likely 2 group sites. They hold about 35 people a site or a little more. The park is still closed for the season and as soon as they open up you can start booking sites just tell them you are with the CRX Group.

Please let Mike at [email protected] know if you'll be camping as he has to submit numbers to the park.

The meet website will be updated shortly.
Niagara CRX Meet

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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