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downest said:
LOL Nick, every time I have someone help me under my hood they ask me about that too! The only time I've ever used it was on a freind's car as a place to attach the hoist.
so it isn't anything? at all?

it looks like some kind of sensor screws on there doesn't it

ok then i h\guess thats one less thing i have to buy lol

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I think i am right on this..... and am the first to respond woo hoo...

I would say that that is wehre the mechanical fuel pump would attatch on a JDM engine with the carbs...

The blocks are mostly cast out of simalier molds..

I was doing a motor swap on a friends 96 sunbird the other day that had D.I.S and there was still a hole in the block with a plug into it that would hae been for the distributor on the older version of that block....

ciorrect me if i am wrong.... but i am guessing fuel pump...

if not that jusging on its location i would have to say its a non cutout port for vtec solenoid and pressure switch. . .


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Toxic is partly right.
Actually thats a casting blank.
I have a Z6 head on my A6 block and that is where my spool valve and vtec solenoid are attached.
Like toxic said " The blocks/heads are mostly cast out of simalier molds.. "
Honda has done that here.
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