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Nasty Squeak in Front Suspension

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My rex has developed a squeaking on the passenger-side front suspension. It manifests itself when turning the wheel or when the suspension bounces.

I have replaced the outer tie rod but the noise is still there. That leaves the upper and lower ball joints. Any idea if one of these is known to go bad? Could it be anything else?

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What he said. The squeky bushings I've had trouble with were on the upper wishbone part of the suspension - but that's because I put in urethane bushings! :(
I know the horrible front squeak I had was the result of a rock that found its way into the sway bar bushings...found that one out after I changed every single bushing in the front to ES polys.
if you want I can take a look... see if we can figure it out. I don't recall my ball joints squeeking, and the axles will click/clunk. Probably is a bushing of some sort.

I can't get it to squeak when it's on jack stands, and I compress/decompress the suspension with a jack. Furthermore, when I lower the car back down and drive it, it will be quiet for about 50 yards, then start squeaking again.

I have no way of truly pinpointing the noise unless I have the car on the ground and someone is turning the wheel...and I have my head stuck somewhere in the wheel well. :p

Still sounds like it's coming from the lower ball joint or swaybar endlink area.

How do the bushings look on the Lower Control Arm? Are they all torn up? Is there any free play in the wheel if you wiggle it side to side or up and down? (with the car jacked up) Any clunking when you wiggle the wheel?
Here's what you do:

Grab a can of PB Blaster and hit each and every bushing one at a time then drive the car after each time. By process of elimination you will find the problem.

Note* improperly seated coil springs can creek

Nothanote* loose rotor screws can do the same thing
Replaced lower ball joint. Verified it was the squeak by having a friend turn the wheel while I did the screwdiver-to-ear test.

2 hrs later, with elbows-to-fingertips grime, it's whisper quiet! Giggity-goo!

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