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A while back I posted about my RX-7 fetish. I've been looking around behind my CRX's back for one, preferably an FB. I found an FC in Maine for $100. It runs, there's not much rust, but it needs an exhaust and alternator. For a hundred bucks, I really can't complain, I could sell a couple of parts and make the money back, and still drive it. Anyway, it's up in Waldoboro, 130 miles from my parents' house in NH and over 300 from school. I'm seriously considering going out next weekend to get it, even if only to part it out and make a little money. The guy says it's drivable with an alternator, though I don't really trust it for 300+ miles. I'm debating whether to risk it and go with a friend (with a case of tools, oil, coolant and a spare alternator) to try and drive it back, or get someone else who has a truck to go with me in case I need to tow it. I'm wondering if anyone is located near there and could take a look at the car for me. The guy is really nice and agreed to send me lots of pictures and stuff, but I would really appreciate someone taking a look at it.
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