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Ok, so my car (86 CRX) ran hot during the summer but I didn't drive that much. Then, winter came and it ran fine because its been really cold. Now, its starting to warm up and my car is starting to run pretty hot because I'm now driving 50 miles on the interstate everyday. It runs just under the red zone.

The fan on the front of the radiator doesn't seem to work when the car is on. Once, when my car was really overheating it would only come on when I turned the car off. Isn't it supposed to run when the car is going?

Also, the front nose cover/grille, whatever you call it is not on my car leaving the radiator and fan totally exposed. It seems that it would be getting more air this way, but could it actually be hurting the cooling abilities?

Thanks for your help.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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